Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bevy - Updates

Well after a long deserved trip I'm back to the same old same old.
Not really sure what to blog about. College starts soon and I finally have my own apartnment! I edited an image of Santigold and made it look super cool. Check it out! (I also made a sim of her, keep reading!)

I've also just created my very first Berry Sweet Sim! Smore VanGooey! (She's also the very first Smore themed sim) I have big plans for her such as the next Berry Sweet Cycle!

Download Link for Smore VanGooey! Rec's are welcome!

And recently before my trip I tried to recreate Santigold simming style! She's had huge success and I just thought I'd share her with you guys!

Download Link for Santi! Rec's are welcome!

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