Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've been banned. Loosen up EA! - A Rant

I have been banned for 72 hours. I sent my friend 0hDarling an email and she announced my ban to the forums. All I can say is, nice work EA. Ban all of your true and dedicated members. It took you an enormous amount of time to ban Nashville_Kittens/AceFlamingo. Who called me a communist and insulted me because of my political opinion. It's fine. I'll just come back in 3 days the same old Smoz! I gotta admit I saw a ban in my future, but I didn't care, I was having some fun! Why am I banned you ask? Well let's just say the other day on the forums I snapped and got a little crazy. Creating a completely OT thread that lasted for 27 pages. Major Fail Moderators. What I found comical is the way they moved all of CloverStarDropper's random threads to the "Create A World" section for some unknown reason, while mine remained on the General Discussion. Another contributing factor is the cranky old Zolt. A complete stick in the mud. When I noticed Zolt's post to a help thread, his reply totally averted the original topic. I couldn't help but post a humorous response with a picture of Mario jumping into the abyss with words that say "YOU FAIL". He then preceded to state the rules to me and called me a troll. It was a joke Zolt, sheesh. He was the only person on that thread that found my post rude. During my ban I've made the decision to patch up some bad relationships with other simmers and make things right. All the others actually thought it was funny! On a different note, -It's Folk Art- WILL resume after my ban is through!

See you guys in 3 days,


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