Tuesday, July 27, 2010

theflamethrower31/AceFlamingo23/Nashville_Kittens has Finally Lost It - A Most Comical Post

In the beginning, it started as usual with flamethrower31 denying every claim and screen capture made of his true identity. Someone had quoted the picture I'm about to show you. But of course, in classic style ace/flame edited his post saying that the guy had "photoshopped" his quote of flame. What did flamethrower31 say BEFORE he edited the post? Look below:

Ok. The proof is in the pudding with that one. Both trolling accounts, Nashville_Kittens and AceFlamingo23 were banned. 2 accounts banned. Funny flamethrower31 has been banned TWICE. Soon to be a 3rd time if we all get our way. (Work with us Mods work with us) Why would you be stupid enough to even post that Flame/Ace/Nashville? Tsk tsk tsk. Trolls never learn.

But. Then it happened. He flipped off his rocker. Please be warned that the following pictures are full of utter fail. And strange, awkward animal noises.

This was probably the point where he lost hope in himself.

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  1. I posted something like this too... this flamethrower guy is a total troll! xD I bet you anything he's a Switch wannabe.