Sunday, July 4, 2010

Seven Deadly Sins - A Few First Impressions

I've been a total Seven Deadly Sins fan from the start of Cycle 1. The whole concept of the modeling competition was interesting and contained oodles of originality! Not to mention the great and very talented shots that were turned in week after week!
Now I've decided to come and share a few of my opinions on some of the shots for assignment one. The models assignment was to appropriately display their sim's sin creatively.
LuxuriantLady87 - Sloth

I really liked this shot for some reason. The image is bright and pops while still portraying the sin (sloth). The environment and set the sim was placed in was perfect for a "sloth". Though I feel as if a little editing could have gone a loooong way!
Amazing1239 - Greed

I thought Amazing1239 had thought up a really good concept for this shot. She stated that the sim dressed up as a homeless beggar just to make quick cash. When really she was a very rich sim who had many amenities. Good work!

I expect many more shining shots in this competition, and believe me, I won't hesitate to share.

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